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Albb Blanks

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Infant: 4" at the longest dimension

Youth: 7" at the longest dimension

Adult 10" at the longest dimension

Adult XL 12" at the longest dimension



Sublimation has to be done on at least a 65% polyester shirt.  The more polyester in the shirt, the brighter the colors. You need a heat press.  Can NOT be done with an iron. Place shirt on heat press and put a piece of copy paper in between the shirt. Lay transfer down on shirt where you want it and then lay another piece of copy paper on top.  Do NOT use a Teflon sheet it hold moisture.

Temp needs to be at 385 for 75 seconds with light/med pressure



The vinyl can be pressed with a heat press or a home iron. The vinyl can be applied to just about any garment you choose. Every order will come with a carrier sheet and ready to press. All you have to do is squeegee the back to ensure the transfer hasn't lifted during transport. The remove backing and press to garment. 

Temp needs to be at 310 for 15 seconds with med/heavy pressure


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